There is an interesting History behind this. The Havard Classics (also called Dr. Eliot’s Five-foot shelf) is a collection of the greatest World Classics compiled by the then president of Havard Dr.Eliot, who said that reading these books for 15 minutes every day could make anyone suitably literate in liberal arts and sciences, and can provide satisfactory and meaningful education to all.

Liberal Education has always intrigued me. I am generally drawn to education systems of the ancient world, from Gurukul systems to the ancient arts of Latin and Greek countries. I wonder if Liberal Education is the solution to the paradigm shift in requirements of the modern society that shape-shifts every now and then and skills learnt are deemed obsolete. It is my belief that Liberal education, with its variety, and vastness can stimulate greatly, the Modern Population with a knack for knowing greater, more diverse things and help in the overall development of the nation.

My Approach: I will attempt to read all the books in the Five-foot shelf in a methodical way, slowly though. These are complicated volumes and I want to rush no way. I hope it provides me with the emotional and intellectual satisfaction I expect from it.

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