The famous Slueth of Satyajit Ray has long been on my TBR list since I saw the theatrical production of the Badshahi Angti. Ray’s vast knowledge of the Bengali landscape,his cinematic vision and certain influence of Doyle amd Christie have come together to produce a masterpiece yet unparalleled in Indian Crime/Mystery literature.I will attempt to read all 35 Novellas by Ray starring Felu and his constant companion Topshe as they set on to explore the depths of the criminal world.They will all be read in their original English translations.

Completed list:16

1.Danger in Darjeeling

2.The Emperor’s Ring

3.Bikash Chowdhury’s Jewel

4.Anubis Mystery

5.Trouble in Gangtok

6.The Golden Fortress

7.Incident on the Kalka Mail 

8.A Killer in Kailash

9. The Key

10. The Royal Bengal Mystery

11.The Locked Chest

12.The Mystery of the Elephant God

13.The Bandits of Bombay

14. The Mystery of the Walking Dead

15. The Mystery of the Cemetery

16. The Curse of the Goddess