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Being Foodie: Dried Vegetable Baozi Buns with Tomatoes-Chilli Chutney

Sept 09 Image is subject to Copyright. Baozi is a very popular Chinese dish, although it is quite in rage in Indonesian cuisine too. It comes with various fillings, ranging from meat to several vegetables, and almost very similar to... Continue Reading →


Origami: The Dragon- Part 2

Sept 09 Images are Subject to Copyright. Medium: Printer Paper. Time: 12 minutes. P.S.: I was imagining Dany's Dragon, Viserion that has been taken by the Night King for his own, while making this origami. Sincerely looking forward to Season... Continue Reading →

The Autumn Syndrome

Sept 09 It has been tremendously long since I've been out cycling in the morning. I had been up at two today and I was listening to Hind Swaraj on my cell and watching the crack of dawn from my... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: Laccha Parontay with Matar

Sept 06 Image Subject to Copyright. This Punjabi Feast can light up even your dullest moments. Laccha Parontay is basically 'the bread with several layers'. Knead whole flour or refined flour with milk and make it flexible. You can refrigerate... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: Two Variants of Keema

Sept 05 The Liver-Egg Keema. The Egg Keema. Keema is a very popular dish in our country. It is traditionally prepared as a meat dish, although variants of Egg, Tofu and Paneer are not uncommon. Keema is basically minced meat... Continue Reading →

Novella: Radish by Mo Yan

65 Pages Finished: Aug 29,2018 Almost eeriely silent. Detailed and replete with symbolism. The Nobel Laureate Mo Yan is almost unspoken of in my country, like Vargo Llosa or Ms. Svetlana. However, I was first intrigued to read Chinese literature... Continue Reading →

Origami: La Casa De Papel’s Pajaro

Sept 04 Image Subject to Copyright. The art of Origami is always soothing after a day of hard work. It relieves pressure in the most intriguing ways, like Haiku or Hirangana and Katakana. I decided to make the bird 'El... Continue Reading →

Busi-ness, Future Plans and more

Sept 04 Hello readers, Its been a long time. Majority of this time has been spent on various errands, mostly work-based. I missed my times on Exclusivito, and I have been wondering when I could get back. There were times,... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: Strawberry-Vanilla Sundae

Image subject to Copyright Strawberry-Vanilla Sundae This is not a preparation recipe. I was just feeling good one day after lunch and I decided to add my tastes to make a shiny, happy amalgamation (the 'Unicorn' style inspired from Starbucks... Continue Reading →

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