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Being Foodie: Pan Vegan Pizza

Sept 17 Image is Subject to Copyright. This little snack can lighten up your day. This Vegan snack I made contains no dairy products like the creamy molten cheese we drool on, any refined wheat, or any additives. The Bread... Continue Reading →


Of Cycling and Other Beautiful Things

Sept 16 Early morning. The sky is overcast. I am sweating profusely and decided to give myself a little break on a small heap of mud below the electric post. I look up at the establishment and find it to... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: The Beetroot-Tomato Egg Wrap

Sept 16 Image is Subject to Copyright. I was searching for a good snack to eat after my workout sessions when I found this nutritious idea on the web. This Egg-Wrap has three distinct preparations. The fourth step includes bringing... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

Sept 16 Raw, immensely powerful. Induces a chain of emotional and moral thought processes. H.G. Wells has long been in my 'To Read List'. The Invisible Man is my first Wells fiction. This novel is extremely powerful and has the... Continue Reading →

Story: Licentiousness, and all that it bears

Sept 15 The summer heat was unbearable, and the smoke and soot flew all over the dingy alleys of Petamonca. Among the many harlots who flashed their assets to every expectant eye and wealthy appearance stood Jamini. A strange name,... Continue Reading →

Story: My Daughter?

Sept 15 I did not know she was mine unless she told me one evening at the park, in tears. At first, she called me a coward and then a lying, manipulative arse. Then came the tears that I had... Continue Reading →

Story: The Perilous Hobby

Sept 15 Come close, closer. Do not touch anything please, if you do not mind. Heh-ha! No, no, I am just joking,yes, OR AM I? Heh-ha What will you drink? Sweet, bitter? Oh yes I drink bitter sometimes. Not wine.... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: Dried Vegetable Baozi Buns with Tomatoes-Chilli Chutney

Sept 09 Image is subject to Copyright. Baozi is a very popular Chinese dish, although it is quite in rage in Indonesian cuisine too. It comes with various fillings, ranging from meat to several vegetables, and almost very similar to... Continue Reading →

Origami: The Dragon- Part 2

Sept 09 Images are Subject to Copyright. Medium: Printer Paper. Time: 12 minutes. P.S.: I was imagining Dany's Dragon, Viserion that has been taken by the Night King for his own, while making this origami. Sincerely looking forward to Season... Continue Reading →

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