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Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Egg coated Fries

Buttermilk fried Chicken is a very common kitchen recipe all over the world. The Chicken, marinated for about three hours with eggs, garlic, pepper, salt and ginger is dipped in a mixture of ground tomatoes, onions and ground cumin seeds.... Continue Reading →


Origami: The Peacock

May 02 Medium: Printer Paper Time Taken: 12 minutes Images Subject to Copyright. The Lyrictrotter

The North African Shaaksuka

May 02 This classic North African Breakfast recipe with tomatoes and eggs is a must for any food lover. The traditional Shaaksuka involved sun-dried tomatoes. However, I've improvised a bit and worked with a tomato puree blended with ginger. Released... Continue Reading →

Chicken Kolhapuri

May 01 Chicken Kolhapuri with Grated Cheese, served on Banyan Leaves- a dinner item for all occasions. This is a Marathi preparation of Cloves, Onions, Chillis, Garlic and Ginger(juliened), diced poultry meat(boneless), curd and tomato puree. I prepared this on... Continue Reading →

Origami: The Dragon

May 01 The art of Paper folding or Origami is a fun art. Moulding paper into desirable shapes can be a great calming factor ( which was claimed by Louis Litt in Suits,and it does work). I started this little... Continue Reading →

Dragon Ball Super Tribute

May 01, 2018 April was a fantastic experience. I read quite a lot, thanks to the Popsugar Reading Challenge, and a sizeable portion of comics too. This art was drawn in tribute to Dragon Ball Super Series that concluded on... Continue Reading →

Movie: Aiyaary- A Review

Watched on: April 18, 2018 Directed by: Neeraj Pandey. Friday Films. Hindi. Manoj Bajpayee, Siddharth Malhotra, Rakul Preet Singh, Anupam Kher, Nasiruddin Shah Although appealing and promising a lot of things, the film vaguely tries to achieve an overtly-philosophical plane,... Continue Reading →

Starting the Popsugar Reading Challenge

April 03, 2018 This year has been wasteful in the reading section. I have merely dallied with a few Audiobooks and Comics, and I have come nowhere close to completing my expectations for 2018. Therefore, not wishing to stay too... Continue Reading →

Lal Rangee Sapne

This is a poem of any society, anywhere. There is a deep anguish within my soul, for I fear that we are failing, falling, beyond grace, beyond redemption. We are going away from our families. We are getting away from... Continue Reading →

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