The World, 

Greetings from Exclusivito!

As a person who was always drawn to pages, literature,theatres and art, this blog seemed quite an exciting venture when I started out around December’16, focusing primarily on books and reviewing them.I started out as a book reviewer and worked out through a few of them. However, at the turn of September’17, I began to expand my limits to include everything that intrigues me and gives me a little extra minutes of this life. Slowly, Movies came, TEDs, Docs and Tv shows followed in no time. Then, I decided to take this seriously and started writing on my own on every possible issue, committing the space to my own sphere of existence.

Future is just a thought away. Reaching it just requires the ability to develop oneself. I am doing the same, in a fun way.

A note on my habits:

I am generally not very socially active, and therefore I do not inform anyone or enter any challenges officially.I am always watching from the outside, and I like to complete the lists(In Green Arrow’s Voice).Do not feel awkward if I dont inform you about your challenges.I will have finished them by then.;)

I also prefer reading multiple titles simultaneously to help me keep an open mind, tackle monotonous times and gather varying perspectives. 

Bibliophiles, Movie and Theatre buffs, Fitness freaks and Martial arts pundits,Aesthetics,Artists, Singers Foodies; Policy Makers, Finance and Defence enthusiasts, Bureaucratic minds, Philosophers, Photographers, Sociologists, Economists, Politicians, Mathematicians, Scientists and Technocrats, Historians and 

‘We think,therefore we are!’

This is the Lyrictrotter balancing the right brain with the left. Welcome to my space!