Nov 21, 2018

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I believe everyone deserves the right to eat good food. It is one of the prerequisites of having a good life, and peace of mind. This Japanese dish will fulfill your evenings after a hectic work-day, fill you with a jolt positibe reinforcement and goad you to live on.

The recipe is quite simple, and easy to follow. For Simplicity, let us break them into a few parts.

The Noodles:

I have used plain refined flour noodles here. You can use any variants of egg or chicken noodles. I have soaked them in lukewarm water for about 3-5 minutes, drained the excessive water, and tossed them about with some vegetable oil to prevent them from sticking together. Let it rest.


Boil one(or two) eggs for about three minutes on high flame for an aluminium pot. Ramen typically has eggs with a gooey yolk. However, I have allowed the yolk to solidify a bit further. (Do not get any wrong impressions- I adore gooey yolks)

The Broth and The Chicken

I have seen a lot of instances on the web about a fish broth for Ramen. I preferred a chicken bowl. Boneless Chicken(250 grams) into water after thorough washing. A pinch of salt, ½ tbsp soya sauce. Some sesame oil if you like. Allow the chicken to soften completely. I have added an Indian side by adding a pinch of coriander to the ramen soup with a hint of oil and vinegar. The chicken has to be strained and seperated from the broth completely as the broth must be clean. Allow the meat to partially lose excess broth. Allow the broth to settle for a while.

The Bean Paste

Pan. Oil. Crushed cumin. Coriander. Stir. Pre-mix tomatoes, chilies, garlic, ginger and onions in a mixer without water. Drop this mixture into the pan. Stir. 1-2 minutes on medium flame. Pour in some sliced beans and stir again for a minute. Pour in a modicum of water and allow it to cook on seam for another 2½ minutes. Off goes the flame.

Bringing it all Together.

The noodle goes in first, in a round circular setting. Fill the serving pot with noodle-level broth. Place the Chicken, eggs and the bean paste in the middle. You can add a bit of finely chopped spring onions.


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