October 10

I listened to the soulful renditions and Chandipath by Birendra Krishna Bhadra yesterday, as I have done since my childhood. This day marks the start of Devipaksha in Hindu religious system. I remember the times when we would wake up to the autumn dew and listen to All India Radio and then tune in to Doordarshan TV. These experiences never become old. They are never frail. The sound of the Dhak and Shakh(the conch) brings back thousands of memories, with equal numbers of goosebumps.

All year long, we await the descent of the Mother from her heavenly abode in Kailash Parvat with her children, to grace the mortal world with her presence. And yet, these ten days passes like a flicker through time, in a beautiful panorama of flashing memories, and the wait begins for yet another year.

I wish that these Pujas fulfill your life and desires, help you with your troubles, guide you through the darkness and help you defeat your demons. May the Devi bless us all.

The Lyrictrotter