Sept 17

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This little snack can lighten up your day. This Vegan snack I made contains no dairy products like the creamy molten cheese we drool on, any refined wheat, or any additives.

The Bread dough is prepared from whole wheat flour and gram flour and cooked to almost crisp on pan, and cut in equal sizes. No oven. The Topping consists of Whole eggs, Garlic, chillis, ginger and tomatoes. The garlic, ginger, tomato and chilli paste must be churned well in your mixer and put on the pan with two cups of water. Allow the water to evaporate on high flame while you add turmeric, coriander and cumin along with some Garam Masala. The beaten eggs go in at the end when the water is almost evaporated.

Toppings are as per choice. Serve hot. Enjoy.

The Lyrictrotter