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This delicious snack is inversely related to effort and makes for a great, healthy treat in the evening.

Preparing the Tomatina.

Put two supple tomatoes in simmering water and let it rest for about a minute. Now slowly, wash in cold water and allow to rest. Cut top 25% with a sharp kitchen knife and extract all the seeds with a spoon. Season the i terior with aalt and pepper. Take Water in pan. Low heat. Add vinegar or lemon juice. Swirl with a spoon. Crack one egg, and allow cooking, but do not allow it to become poached(extract before rising to the surface) and carefully slide it into the cleaned tomato sideways so that the yolk is visible. Seadon with pepper and salt.

The Scrambled eggs.

Pan. Low heat. Butter. Some vegetable oil. Crack three eggs. Now the secret is some fresh cream. Don’t let it stick to the sides and cook continuously to bring it back to the middle. Thirty seconds on the stove. Fifteen seconds off. Back on the stove again. The eggs will form a gooey structure. Season with salt and pepper. Stir again. Turn off heat and serve.

The Chutney.

Pan. A touch of oil. The secret is to not overcook the chutney and allow them to retain the moisture while glazing them slightly. Some chillies (crushed). Give a light stir and season. Serve.

As simple, and delicious. Enjoy.

The Lyrictrotter