June 01, 2018

I started reading The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k. By Mark Manson. I read about ten pages and I could sense a very negative emotion put forward in the beginning lines. Nihilism. Now Nihilist school of thought doesn’t match my ideology. I am a Capitalist, Ideo-realist, Pacifist and I believe in hard work, accepting the truth and constant effort.

Here are a few thoughts after reading a few pages of the book:

Nihilism is, in my opinion, not a fundamental concept in human growth. Because growth, even negative, and progress are what humans made for- wired to overreach. Situations are like stock markets. They rise and fall, and is very difficult to time and predict. However, if we are focused on a goal, we can take the benifits of a SIP. We are disciplined in our approach, and instead of taking situations at face value, we try to deal and turn them to our favour.

Do all people succeed?

No. And most people who are unsuccessful, go into depression, unhappiness and more unsuccessful encounters.

Nihhilism is wiring your brain to believe what you don’t want to- the reality that bad things will happen to you regardless. By accepting them, we are exposed to them without retribution. On the other hand, trying to change it, has a faint hope in it.
Nihilism, like a big scam, saves people from the thought of unhappiness. But Nihilism is not shutdown to the world. You face actual unhappiness. Thus there is a constant tug-of-war between your situations and your thoughts, and no person is strong enough to sustain his poker face over a long period of plain acceptance.
Try. If you fail. Try again. Try to compound the emotions of hope in your mind. You may, just may get the work done.

But how can we get off the cycle of negative forces, and brush them aside to realise our goals?

I believe in selective-Nihilism. Nihilism to what counters your base ideology. What worries you. You do not accept it. You do not ‘not give a f**k about it’, but you believe you have better things to do(like overcoming them) than thinking aboit them. Medical research has proven that the cure for O.C.D.s and Anxiety is anesthesia for thoughts that prick us, while you operate on sidelines to operate it out.

Never stop trying. Have a very productive new month.

The Lyrictrotter