May 30, 2018

We have become extremely focused on our careers nowadays- tech-savvy and informed. For those who are feeling the power of online education, Unacademy is the platform where you want to be. Unacademy is an Indian entrepreneurial venture that aims to be the World’s largest repository of information.

I am an educator at Unacademy since early May, 2017, and the experience so far has been mesmerizing. A great support staff, extremely motivated founders and an environment filled with zest and passion, it pushes you to sideline your issues and laziness to work for the greater good of the education community.

When we finish with the metaphysical aspects of the platform, you are just getting started. A for profit organization, Unacademy has huge incentive structures and rewards to motivate the educator to give their best. Because only the best things happen on Unacademy!

Are you upto the challenge to bring about an education revolution? Download the Unacademy Educator Appand get started.

My new course on the platform:

Unacademy Learner’s App is one of the wonders of the modern world. The app allows you to learn almost anything, from preparing for competitive exams to learning guitar or becoming a polyglot, for free. Yes, you heard that right. Unacademy is the place where millions from the student community turn to when they cannot afford traditional coaching.

My latest courses on the platform are :

2017: Looking Back through Words:

This course enumerates the various words of the year from various reputable dictionaries, and the Shortlists and other words that were in Economic, Political and Social spotlight, and discusses their meanings and use in sentences.

You can Take a look at this course from here.

Enrich Your Vocabulary Series: Netflix’s The Godless:

Netflix’s The Godless is a 7-episode drama chronicle set in the western parts of USA in the days of the bandits, riders and horsemen. This course looks into the top words from each episode of the series and discusses their meanings and use in sentences.

You can take a look at these courses from here.

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The Lyrictrotter