Wise men once said that the love of paperbacks (new generation read pdfs) could either lead to mutiny or make the world a better place.Why,technology has given us readers numerous reasons to harp on happily.In this fluttery world where authors and readers rule together,Shelf Joy has come to stay!
If you are addicted to Goodreads,you sure will be blown away by Shelf Joy,as it will take on your favours without any complains.From weekly hits to handpicked lists made in heaven,and choice lists of celebrities,Shelf Joy sure is the next big thing in the industry.The most adorable concept of this website is the option of having a Shelf curated by the reader’s own choice. The notable reading lists are inspiring,and the option to add them to our own reading lists is a sure plus.

Book Lovers,you have a paradise floating somewhere on the World wide web.Dash,explore shelves,discover,log in with Twitter,create and recommend your own shelves-and read.Read till the Dawn takes the place of Dusk.Shelf Joy sure promises to stay till your time with books,and more.

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Happy Reading.February Books are coming.The February books are coming.