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Being Foodie: Strawberry-Vanilla Sundae

Image subject to Copyright Strawberry-Vanilla Sundae This is not a preparation recipe. I was just feeling good one day after lunch and I decided to add my tastes to make a shiny, happy amalgamation (the 'Unicorn' style inspired from Starbucks... Continue Reading →


Novella: The Sons of the Dragon by George R. R. Martin

42 Pages. E-book. Published in 2018 Finished: July 29, 2018 A historical reporting that elaborates the line of Targaryen kings after Aegon the Dragon, on his two sons Aenys and Maegor the Cruel, till the next of the line Jaehaerys... Continue Reading →

Being Foodie: Egg-Plant Devil with Pan Pies

When Cranberry Sauce pouches come to the rescue to a long boring day! Pan Pies are easy to make. Whisk whole flour with water and two beaten eggs and a pinch of salt. In a flat non-stick, allow brushing up... Continue Reading →

TV Series: The Sacred Games: Season 1

Netflix. Medium: Hindi. English Subs Eight Episodes When I see Netflix's growing stake in Indian media industry, first with Love Per Square Foot and then the unconventional Lust Stories, I had steady hopes for this, especially when you have Basu,... Continue Reading →

Chicken Schwezwan Cheese Momos with Schwezwan Chutney and Veggie Clear soup

Image is subject to Copyright. Whenever you are bored, remember, I am bored more than you are. And it is here to stay. This classic Bhutanese recipe is heart-warming. The simplicity and the flavour of this dish makes anyone crave... Continue Reading →

Egg Tomatina, with Scrambled eggs and Tomato seeds Chutney

Image is subject to copyright. This delicious snack is inversely related to effort and makes for a great, healthy treat in the evening. Preparing the Tomatina. Put two supple tomatoes in simmering water and let it rest for about a... Continue Reading →


June 01, 2018 I started reading The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k. By Mark Manson. I read about ten pages and I could sense a very negative emotion put forward in the beginning lines. Nihilism. Now Nihilist school... Continue Reading →

The South Indian Idli with a Twist

The Classic South Indian Idlis with Sambhar, and the twist of Schwezwan chutney. Who doesn't like rice cakes flavoured with aromatic dals for breakfast? The Classic Idli is a staple food in many South Indian states. Served with Ghee, Sambhar... Continue Reading →

Origami: The Prince and Satan

May 30, 2018 This title was suggested by a dear friend of mine when I showed her my work. Now that you think of it, it is quite appropriate. Get your Grimm's right in life, Sir and Ma'am. The rest... Continue Reading →

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