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Chicken Schwezwan Cheese Momos with Schwezwan Chutney and Veggie Clear soup

Image is subject to Copyright. Whenever you are bored, remember, I am bored more than you are. And it is here to stay. This classic Bhutanese recipe is heart-warming. The simplicity and the flavour of this dish makes anyone crave... Continue Reading →


Egg Tomatina, with Scrambled eggs and Tomato seeds Chutney

Image is subject to copyright. This delicious snack is inversely related to effort and makes for a great, healthy treat in the evening. Preparing the Tomatina. Put two supple tomatoes in simmering water and let it rest for about a... Continue Reading →


June 01, 2018 I started reading The Subtle Art of not Giving a F**k. By Mark Manson. I read about ten pages and I could sense a very negative emotion put forward in the beginning lines. Nihilism. Now Nihilist school... Continue Reading →

The South Indian Idli with a Twist

The Classic South Indian Idlis with Sambhar, and the twist of Schwezwan chutney. Who doesn't like rice cakes flavoured with aromatic dals for breakfast? The Classic Idli is a staple food in many South Indian states. Served with Ghee, Sambhar... Continue Reading →

Origami: The Prince and Satan

May 30, 2018 This title was suggested by a dear friend of mine when I showed her my work. Now that you think of it, it is quite appropriate. Get your Grimm's right in life, Sir and Ma'am. The rest... Continue Reading →

Unacademy: Latest Courses

May 30, 2018 We have become extremely focused on our careers nowadays- tech-savvy and informed. For those who are feeling the power of online education, Unacademy is the platform where you want to be. Unacademy is an Indian entrepreneurial venture... Continue Reading →

Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Egg coated Fries

Buttermilk fried Chicken is a very common kitchen recipe all over the world. The Chicken, marinated for about three hours with eggs, garlic, pepper, salt and ginger is dipped in a mixture of ground tomatoes, onions and ground cumin seeds.... Continue Reading →

Origami: The Peacock

May 02 Medium: Printer Paper Time Taken: 12 minutes Images Subject to Copyright. The Lyrictrotter

The North African Shaaksuka

May 02 This classic North African Breakfast recipe with tomatoes and eggs is a must for any food lover. The traditional Shaaksuka involved sun-dried tomatoes. However, I've improvised a bit and worked with a tomato puree blended with ginger. Released... Continue Reading →

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